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Center for Collaborative Medicine

Our Approach

Collaborative Medicine

Collaborative medicine is not like a typical visit to a medical doctor.  Most of our time together will consist of talking, discussing, and exploring, while sitting in comfortable chairs, much as is done in psychotherapy.  

Your physician serves as a resource of medical knowledge, facilitating you in exploring your health issues and determining the goals you would like to set.  Collaborative medicine calls for an active effort on your part, but we will continue working as a team over time, supporting you and your efforts, and trouble-shooting difficulties together when that is needed.  In collaborative medicine, we view you as the best expert on you.

We are open to your ideas, concerns, and questions about your health and possible approaches to getting well.  We are familiar with many alternative approaches and can assist you with them, if you wish to consider them.  New ideas are always welcome, though, and never dismissed.

Our Approach
Why Naturopathy

Why Integrative Cancer Care ?

It can help with


Guidance in an area where it's hard to find information you can trust.


Addressing issues with sleep, nutrition, and physical activity can really change energy!


Helping you develop an action plan for your health that suits you.

Long Term Health & Wellness

Integrative approaches can offer ways to reduce side effects from traditional treatment, enhance its effectiveness, and protect the mind and body from potential long term negative impacts.


Time to talk, ask questions, and explore in an unpressured setting.

Reducing Recurrence Risk

A range of evidence-based techniques to lower risk of cancer coming back.

Patient Reflections

"This was a completely different experience than anything I've had before with a physician.  I felt both supported and empowered -- and that is so important."

— CCM Patient

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