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Our Integrative Network

In addition to the services we provide directly at our center, we will also assist you in connecting with other very well qualified integrative specialists and high quality services.  Through our affiliations, we can provide even more of the integrative approaches you may be interested in pursuing.  

Affiliated Practitioners

CCM is very pleased to be affiliated with

Dr. Paul Zhang, Oncology

Dr. Lin Jia, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbals

Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian, Breathwork Yogi

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Integrative Influences

Dr. Bernie Siegel - Mind-Body Medicine Pioneer

Jane McLelland - Metro Map Metabolic Approach to Cancer Author and Creator

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber -Developer of the Anticancer Living Approach & Longterm GBM Survivor

Dr. Lawrence LeShan  - Creator of Psychotherapy Method Specifically for Advanced Cancer Patients

Dr. Ruth Bolletino - Co-author and Practitioner with Dr. LeShan

Travis Christofferson - Metabolic Approaches to Cancer

The Riordan Clinic, Kansas - IV Vitamin C and Integrative Medicine Pioneers

Create Cures Clinic - Fasting-Based & Nutrition Clinic Developed by Dr. Valter Longo

T. Colin Campbell - Founder of Lifestyle Medicine Field & author of The China Study among other books

Dr. Hans Diehl - Founder of Lifestyle Medicine Field

Dr. John McDougall - Founder of Lifestyle Medicine Field

Dr. John Kelly - Founder of Lifestyle Medicine Field

MD Anderson Integrative Medicine Center

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