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NEW Metro Map Book Available!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Center is pleased to announce that Jane McLelland's new book, full of critical information for how to encourage cancer cells to change their ways, is now available. It was published this summer first in the UK, but is now available for US purchase - I've just received my copy, as you see below. The first edition was a treasure trove of ideas and information, and also explained the very difficult path Jane has personally experienced with her cancer journey. This new edition includes loads more information and new strategies for starving cancer cells, reducing the toxicity of conventional treatments, and adding to their effectiveness.

I previewed the book's content in December of last year, when Jane launched her online starving cancer course. That course is incredibly packed with information, and gives a brief summary of the information contained in each of the sections of her book.

I've tried to embed a link to the order page with this blog, in case you should be interested in ordering it. (I do know Jane, but I do not have any financial interest in her book, though!) In case you have difficulty accessing the link, the book's information can also be found on the How to Starve Cancer website. All the best to all of my readers! - Dr. Houser


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